Origin Green & Product Quality


Working With Nature


Origin Green is the only sustainability programme in the world that operates on a national scale, uniting government, the private sector and food producers through Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board. Origin Green enables Ireland’s food industry to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets, establishing a baseline for continuous improvement.

Silver Hill Farm is proud to be a founding member of Bord Bia Origin Green and our commitment to sustainability can be seen in our raw material sourcing, production process & social initiatives. We have been part of the journey to sustainability and part of a global solution from the offset, successfully exceeding targets of the first phase of our Origin Green Sustainability Charter. We believe in the importance of protecting the environment. Through Origin Green we have adopted innovative and proactive measures to reduce our impact and included sustainable targets in our production. These include the recycling of duck feathers to make premium duvets and pillows; use of bulk offal in the pet food industry; conversion of duck fat into biodiesel; and use of slurry as an organic fertilizer.

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Quality of our Products

Product Quality and Safety is our priority at Silver Hill Farm. Our supreme quality is world renowned and the cornerstone of our business. We firmly believe in the integrity of our products and operations to produce products that our customers trust us to deliver. We are proud of our farm to fork traceability reassurance to our customers. We are a fully integrated duck rearing and processing plant, this enables us to easily demonstrate traceability, not only back to the growing farm but back to the hatchery and laying farms.

We also work with recognised assurance standards to provide further reassurance to our customers of the food they purchase. Silver Hill farm is an “AA” Grade plant accredited under the Global food safety initiative. Within our supply chain we have stringent quality requirements and audit processes aligned with industry best practice for our ingredients and primary packaging suppliers. All of our operations, process and innovations are dedicated to the consistent delivery of Quality to our customers.